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Creative Industry Association is an inclusive association offering members' all the help and support they need. But, what does that mean what is it in for you?
  • We offer you one-to-one, confidential, expert business advice and mentoring throughout your business journey.
  • We open doors for you to make key introductions to buyers, suppliers, influencers and content creators.
  • We provide you with vital information resources and insight to empower you to develop your business.
  • We help you to grow your business brands, connections, knowledge and products by working with you and for you.
  • We give you access to educate and inspire clients and consumers to develop brand and product loyalty.
  • Free legal advice – business advice – tickets to global craft symposiums.
  • Discounts web hosting and development of e-commerce platforms – insurance – printing – logistics – utilities – similar international associations – organisations
  • Introductions guaranteed meetings with buyers, suppliers and shopping channels.
  • Confidential hotline for business advice – education -tactical and strategic planning – industry connections – opinion – supplier contacts – wellness and mindfulness support. As well as help with international trade/consumer show. Advice – links to government agencies and financial services – import and export support – freight services – copyright infringement procedures and agencies.

Everything to help you and your business succeed

Our members types ensures you have access to the specific information you need, but also the flexibility to access other information as and when you need it. To join select the membership that best suits your business, if you do not fit into any of the following contact our team and we will assist you.


The Start-Up membership level is for those in the first stages/year of the business journey.

Features include:

  • Confidential Advice, Help and Support
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Development and Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Mentoring Mindset
  • Monthly Updates
  • Strategic Road Map
  • Use of Association Logo – giving you Credibility and Kudos


For Content Creators, Designers, Demonstrators, Educationalists and Presenters.

All Startup Features plus:

  • Access key information like I.P, Copy Right and more
  • Access to Creative Exchanges events
  • Business connections and introductions
  • Entry in Creative Exchanges Directory
  • Free tickets to major events
  • Help develop professional standard
  • Helping you discover paid work opportunities


For Clicks and Mortar Retailers, Chain Stores Buyers and Resellers (Including Market stalls).

All Creative Professionals Features Plus:

  • Access key information like Business Law, Latest Products, Research and more
  • Access to specific Membership Benefits and Discounts
  • Entry in into Retail & Buyer Directory
  • Helping you with sourcing products, brands and service providers
  • Participate in issue-specific committees.


For Business Services, Manufactures, Publishers, Suppliers, Wholesalers Of Brands and Products

All Buyers Features Plus:

  • Access key information like Corporate Law, Global Insights and more
  • Brand and Product Development Help and Support
  • Entry into Supplier Directory
  • Helping you source buyers and new opportunities
  • Participate in developing Retailer Support


Designed for industry leaders to engage, mentor, advise, support and connect with the wider membership and our community.

Your commitment requires that you:

  • Attend one full day and host one business seminar at the annual Creative Exchanges Conference.
  • Attend or host at least one regional Creative Exchanges Meet Up either virtually or physically.
  • At the above event (s), offer a unique benefit to members e.g. exclusive products, exclusive offers and membership accounts
  • Write article/s for
  • Click here to select: LEVEL 5 – Giving Back Package – £601k – £1 million turnover p.a* = £800+vat saving £200
  • Click here to select: LEVEL 6 – Giving Back Package – Over £1 million turnover p.a* = £1000+vat saving £200
*Company checks are made on application. All fees are paid annually (12 months from start date of membership) and VAT (20%) will be added, where applicable, excluding Start-up membership.


  • European Supplier member

    “Membership gives us the support, confidence and introductions that allows our business to thrive. With impartial advice it is like hiring a business manager at fraction of the cost!”

  • UK member

    “It’s fantastic to have an organisation with true passion for the industry. Membership offers great networking and development opportunities, not least through the amazing business conference.”

  • USA Member

    “Connecting me to the key people and information I need, providing access to help and advice, it’s like an encyclopedia of the Craft Industry.”

  • UK Member

    “Helpful advice that is only a quick phone call or email away. Just what you need when you are starting out in the craft business”

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