Our Mission
Doing Things Differently...

An Inclusive Trade Association

Working for and Supporting Members

Connecting, Empowering Inspiring and Informing

Growing, Protecting and Solidifying the Industry


A non-profit inclusive, collaborative, member-run and member-focused trade association. Providing the tools members need to succeed.


The gateway for members to access a wealth of expert knowledge, introductions and invaluable industry insight. With a network of organisations, businesses and event partners, we bring together all sizes/types of individuals/businesses from our industry and beyond.


With clear and strong communications, engagement, driving content and information. Engaging with each member to manage their own unique wants and needs.


Because we want to pass on our expert industry knowledge. Educate, inspire, connect people and businesses so that they can achieve their goals. To continue to grow, stabilise and solidify this vibrant community, ensuring the global industry continues to thrive.


  • EXCHANGE OF IDEAS the chance to access, share and develop business processes in your workplace by learning from others.
  • INFLUENCE our policymakers by ensuring your opinions are heard to benefit the sector as a whole, locally and beyond.
  • INSIGHTS and research from our association and global partners. Allowing you to consider trends, influences and prepare your business accordingly as changes affecting our sector are identified.
  • NETWORKING AND CONNECTIONS access to clients, suppliers and partner services who can help you improve your business and its impact in your chosen market.
  • RECOGNITION of your needs and goals will help us endorse and validate your business achievements in the craft sector.
  • RELATIONSHIP opportunities to connect with the right strategic partners who will help you identify and address issues, opportunities and collaborations that provide mutual benefits.
  • STANDARDS learn and adopt industry-expected best practice procedures to operate at your optimum capability.
  • SUSTAINABILITY as a collective, we have a vital role in addressing issues, ensuring the industry has the visibility it needs to help facilitate a sustainable future.
  • TRAINING AND EDUCATION providing year round resource of information you need to succeed.

We also provide unique opportunities via:

Join the movement and community with our regional meet-ups at members locations around the UK and our annual Business, Training and Networking Conference.

Click here for more information.

Finger on the creative pulse!

The news portal for member interviews, reviews, industry information, their latest and greatest news. Click www.CREATIVEINDUSTRYNEWS.com to visit site.

Held in a private and confidential environment, a panel of leading experts, with decades of experience and invaluable knowledge offer priceless feedback and advice to entrepreneurs, businesses and creative professionals to elevate their ideals and concepts to the next level.

We have a YouTube and Podcast channel.

watch and listen to interviews from industry experts and business people, sharing their stories, knowledge and top tips

As the trading landscape changes with new challenges around each corner, few things remain constant the passion, dedication, hardworking individuals and companies. These people and businesses continue to provide this industry with great products, brands, education, inspiration and content by building and servicing our ever evolving craft community.

With two decades of direct industry exposure, I have seen numerous changes. There have been significant success stories, and of course, some failed ventures too. I have personally gained so much knowledge, naturally developed a wide array of personal contacts, some interesting experiences and observed businesses developing and   moving to reflect trends and consumer demand effectively.

This puts me in a unique position to guide our creative  industry association and its membership in a supportive and informative role. I will help you join the dots, help you get from A to B with the right information to hand. Relationships between our members can empower, inspire, inform, connect and grow our membership bonds and the industry as a whole.

Supported by a volunteer board, advisors and helpers, who are members like you, giving their time, expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure that we provide an association that offers value and unrivalled support for members.

Our vison is to make Creative Industry Association the most inclusive association for the global creative, craft and hobby industry.

Joining is not a ‘Eureka’ moment nor does membership give you the keys to instant success. Joining is your ‘Light Bulb’ moment, your statement of intent to develop and nurture your business thoughtfully. To continue to learn and be the best you can be for yourself, your business and your staff.

At your fingertips is the association ready to help you stay informed, be connected, be inspired and be successful.

I look forward to working for you and closely with you to help achieve your goals and welcoming you to…

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